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What We Do

When it comes to APS Pest Control, we have a five star service. Combining key elements of both quality and efficiency, we deliver results like no other.

Taking care of all invaders, our pest control services take pride in serving our customers the way they deserve. We pride ourself with friendly customer support, outstanding workmanship, and a 100% guarantee on all we do.

Five Star Pest Control

Our pest control is outstanding in its field; no one does a better job than yours truly.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out some of these reviews:

“We have been using APS for several years now. We had used a competitor in E Texas up until we made the switch and we are glad we did. Danny Ashwander is the gentleman that services our home and he does a fantastic job. How do we know? No pest problems for months after they treat. Danny is extremely thorough and is just a good person wanting to make sure you get what you pay for. I highly recommend APS if you are in the Tyler area. We live in Mineola, TX and will continue to use them for sure.”

★★★★★ ~ Brad Blakemore

“I highly recommend APS. My company has been doing business with them for over two years and we are extremely satisfied with their services. Maria is very personable and I always look forward to speaking with her. If you’re looking for a great pest control company this is the one.”

★★★★★ ~ Nicole Lusk, Local Guide

“They showed up on time and the price was very reasonable. Called them initially for mosquito extermination and got such good results that I will be calling them again for additional pest treatment around the house. Excellent company!!”

★★★★★ ~ Jennifer Pickens, Local Guide

“He helped to rid our home of a small infestation of roaches. He is professional, has the expertise to help you rid your home or business
of those unwanted pests. I highly recommend him for your pest control needs

★★★★★ ~ Martha Smitha, Local Guide

If you want to see more, check out some of our Other Reviews! We take care of both residential and commercial properties, and ensure five star pest control no matter how big the infestation.

five star pest control - fire ant exterminators

Ant Control

“I suggested APS when my daughter had ants in the house. Maria sent Benny the info and he was there the same day, for a reasonable rate. Ants are still gone months later!”

★★★★★ ~ Kim Zemer

At APS Pest Control, we live by our slogan, “We Kill ‘Em Dead!” If you are looking for five star pest control when it comes to ants, APS is the place for you.

Mosquito Control

“Within 2 days we could see a massive decrease in the number of mosquitos. Within 5 days, we were virtually experiencing no bites on our porch. From there, we kept using Benny for mosquito treatment (now we live across the street from a lake), have him treat for fire ants, wasps, internal and external to the house, and I know he does termite preventative and treatment. . . . If you want reputable, skilled, affordable, and effective, APS is the place.”

★★★★★ ~ Misty Childs

Our five star pest control is promising. We never leave a stone unturned or a bug still buzzing.

Rodent Control

“We have used APS for both of our homes and our rental property and can attest to how thorough and professional they are. They are always quick to respond if we have a need (like the time recently when we saw a family of baby rats eating bird seed that dropped from one of the feeders and totally freaked me out!) – he jumped right on it and we haven’t had any problems since. When we were selling our other home, an inspection turned up termites in our barn and of course we called Benny and he took care of it right away. We are on a regular service basis with APS and they’ve earned our trust and loyalty over and over again.”

★★★★★ ~ Katherine Hartvickson

Your local five star pest control never lets down a client.

At APS, we are dedicated to making your home the safest it can be. Call Us today and get a free quote on any problem your having!

Your Local Pest Control – We’re Here For You

When you need a five star pest control, we always here for you. Our elite team of individuals is here to help you with any rodent-related problems.

Whether you need residential or commercial five star pest control, we have exactly what you need. Call or Email us today!

At APS Pest Control, “We Kill ‘Em Dead!”

sitting in a pest free home

Residential pest control

Don’t let indoor and outdoor pests invade your home and make it theirs. Our variety of service plans are designed to fit your specific needs and your budget.

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Commercial pest control

Our pest control company is skilled at dealing with all of the pests that like to frequent business locations. Let us take care of them for you with guaranteed results.

Our Services

General pest control

Got rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs or occasional invaders? We work with Commercial enterprises as well as Residential homes to handle your pest problems. APS is a trusted Lindale pest control company.

Fire ant control

Get control of the biting, stinging nuisance of fire ants. Try our Annual Fire Ant Treatment that is guaranteed to get rid of ants and keep them away ALL year round. We’ll place effective ant baits that will end your ant infestation.

Termite control

Did you know that termites are a bigger threat to your home than storms, floods, hurricanes or fires? We offer a Free Termite Inspection for your peace of mind. Our termite treatments are an affordable solution to protect your home.

Bed bug control

A bed bug infestation can be an invisible problem entering your home or business undetected. Our bed bug exterminators can give you peace of mind and a good night sleep. Call for emergency bed bug services.

Rodent control

Rodents wreak havoc on structural components of buildings, including electrical wiring, insulation and plumbing. Our mouse exterminators don’t just remove rodents, they repair entry points to keep them from returning.

Mosquito control

You deserve to enjoy your backyard without putting up with the annoying bites, buzzing, and itching. We’ll get rid of those pesky mosquitoes that are lurking around so you can enjoy your home and outdoor spaces all summer long.

Wildlife removal

APS Pest Control also offers wildlife removal services. If you’ve discovered a possum, squirrel, skunk, raccoon, or rodent on your property, we can help. Protect your home and family by requesting wildlife removal services from APS Pest Control today!