Our pest control promise; we are more than simply a pest control company at APS Pest Control; we are your devoted partners for maintaining a safe and pest-free environment for your home and workplace. We take delight in providing top-tier pest control solutions that actually makes a difference, given to our years of experience and strive for perfection.

Our Pest Control Promise Solutions – Your Peace of Mind

When pests infiltrate your home or workplace, it may be a stressful and upsetting experience. Our comprehensive pest management services are intended to meet any pest-related difficulty. Our skilled staff is equipped with the expertise, tools, and eco-friendly treatments to exterminate pests rapidly and effectively, from small ants to persistent rodents.

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House Pest Control: We understand that your home is your safe haven, and we work hard to keep unwanted intruders out. Our home pest control services are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your family’s safety and well-being.

Commercial Pest Management: A pest-free workplace is critical for business owners to retain a great reputation and the health of their staff and consumers. We provide tailored commercial pest management strategies to meet the specific needs of your company. 

Eco-Friendly Pest management Solutions: As environmental stewards, we prioritize the usage of eco-friendly pest management solutions. Our methods not only eradicate pests but also protect your family, pets, and the environment.

Our Assistance – Your Satisfaction

APS Pest control promise treatment goes above and above to assist our loyal customers throughout their pest treatment journey:  


Personalized Approach: We recognize that every pest scenario is unique here at APS, which is why we take the time to examine your needs and provide a solution that is unique to you.  

Expert advise: Our team of licensed pest control technicians is always available to answer your questions, give expert support, and provide strategies to avoid future infestations. 

Transparent Communication: We think open communication helps to create trust. You will be kept up to date on the latest pest control methods that we use.

Affordability – Your Budget’s Friend

We think that every homeowner and company should have affordable access to professional pest control services. That is why we provide competitive and affordable pricing that are within your budget.

Contact us if you are struggling from these insects or other pests because APS can handle it all!

We provide 5 star pest control to Lindale, Tyler, Bullard, Chandler, Quitman, Whitehouse, Gladewater, Hawkins, Longview, Mineola and Winona.

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Residential pest control

Don’t let indoor and outdoor pests invade your home and make it theirs. Our variety of service plans are designed to fit your specific needs and your budget.

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Commercial pest control

Our pest control company is skilled at dealing with all of the pests that like to frequent business locations. Let us take care of them for you with guaranteed results.

Our Services

General pest control

Got rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs or occasional invaders? We work with Commercial enterprises as well as Residential homes to handle your pest problems. APS is a trusted Lindale pest control company.

Fire ant control

Get control of the biting, stinging nuisance of fire ants. Try our Annual Fire Ant Treatment that is guaranteed to get rid of ants and keep them away ALL year round. We’ll place effective ant baits that will end your ant infestation.

Termite control

Did you know that termites are a bigger threat to your home than storms, floods, hurricanes or fires? We offer a Free Termite Inspection for your peace of mind. Our termite treatments are an affordable solution to protect your home.

Bed bug control

A bed bug infestation can be an invisible problem entering your home or business undetected. Our bed bug exterminators can give you peace of mind and a good night sleep. Call for emergency bed bug services.

Rodent control

Rodents wreak havoc on structural components of buildings, including electrical wiring, insulation and plumbing. Our mouse exterminators don’t just remove rodents, they repair entry points to keep them from returning.

Mosquito control

You deserve to enjoy your backyard without putting up with the annoying bites, buzzing, and itching. We’ll get rid of those pesky mosquitoes that are lurking around so you can enjoy your home and outdoor spaces all summer long.

Wildlife removal

APS Pest Control also offers wildlife removal services. If you’ve discovered a possum, squirrel, skunk, raccoon, or rodent on your property, we can help. Protect your home and family by requesting wildlife removal services from APS Pest Control today!