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Our homes are not just where we sleep. They’re a reflection of our taste, our priorities, and our love for our families.

When insects threaten our homes, we take it personally. It causes us to feel embarrassed rather than proud of the houses we live in.

At APS Pest Solutions, we believe every homeowner deserves to feel proud of where they live. You’ve invested a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears (and money!) into making your house beautiful, and nothing should take that away from you.

That’s why we offer professional and proven Pest Control for Quitman, TX. If roaches, ants, termites, or bed bugs plague your house, our bug exterminators will stop it and help you take your home back!


We Care About Your Home

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100% Safe Products
Using harmful chemicals to remove pests is not serving your family. That’s why we maintain a high standard for 100% safe products.
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Families in Quitman depend on APS because they trust our quality extermination service. See our reviews.
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A Trusted Pest Control Company in Quitman, TX

Your home protects what matters most to you — your family, your memories, and your sanity. It’s a sacred space. A place where life can feel peaceful even if the world outside feels chaotic.

At APS Pest Control, your home matters to us. We’re homeowners too, and we understand how important protecting your house is.

Customers in Quitman trust us to provide quality pest control for their house because we treat their homes like our own.

If you’ve discovered ants crawling on your counters, cockroaches hiding in your cabinets, or tiny feet tapping in your attic, you can count on us to help you get your home back to you quickly.

Your family’s safety and peace of mind matter to you. And it matters to us too.



Enjoy Your Home Pest-Free Again

1. Get A Quote

Call our pest control specialists near Quitman to get an affordable quote.

2. Schedule An Inspection

Our team will inspect your home and suggest the best one-time or ongoing treatment to protect it.

3. Schedule Treatment

We will remove the pests inside your home quickly so you can enjoy your living space again.

3. Get Your Home Back

Imagine the moment when you’re able to sit back and relax without watching an ugly critter crawl across your floor.

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General Pest Control

Our Pest Control Company for Quitman, TX can rid your home of pests, both large and small. We handle bugs, rodents, and other pests, including:

Our expert pest control services include:

  • Ant Control* (excluding fire ants & pharaoh ants)
  • Bee Removal
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rat Extermination
  • Roach Extermination
  • Rodent Extermination
  • Spider Extermination
  • Scorpion Control
  • Wasp Nest Removal
  • And more!



Our Pest Control Plans



Many of our customers opt for general pest control treatments every 30 days. Doing so ensures their home stays protected year round.


Quarterly pest control treatments will protect your house every 90 days from a large variety of pests.
We’re offering our quarterly pest control services for just $50 per month now until the end of May.


Semi-annual treatments are a good choice for homes that just need preventative service. We’ll help keep your home clear of roaches, ants, spiders, and more.


Some bugs tend to be seasonal, including crickets, roaches, and spiders. Contact us before the season begins, and we’ll keep your home protected.

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Other Pest Control Services We Offer

Termite Treatment

Termites are more than just disgusting. They are wood eaters that can chew through your house and destroy your investment.

Subterranean termites can eat through a pound of wood every day. So every day an infestation goes unnoticed is another day closer to destroying your home and causing expensive damages.

Our termite exterminators use Sentricon soil treatments and termite bait stations, which eradicate termite colonies by going to the source and stopping them from spreading throughout your home. These treatments are so reliable at preventing termites that Sentricon provides a 10 year warranty. So a once-per-decade treatment is all that’s needed for most homeowners.

Termidor is our go-to method for Formosan, drywood, or subterranean termites because it is a very effective liquid termite treatment for these species. This liquid treatment eradicates termite infestation and ends future termite activity for a very, very long time.

If you believe you need termite control in Quitman, TX, contact us today. If you’re not sure if you have them, the common signs of termites include mud tubes, wood termite droppings, and wood that is clearly eaten by termites.

Schedule a termite inspection today to find out if you have a pest problem.


Rodent Exclusion

You can’t get rid of rodents by merely setting out traps. You may kill a few of them, but more will keep coming.

Instead, if you want to end your mouse or rat problem, you have to locate and repair the entry points. These pests enter through small holes throughout your house which are not always easy to locate.

Our team specializes in locating hard-to-find entry points to stop rodents from entering your home and keeping your home safe.

Call us today for a free consultation at your house. Our exterminators safeguard your home and keep it free of rodents.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs torment our customers, especially at night time. As their name suggests, they can be found in your box spring mattress. However, that isn’t the only place these creatures lurk. They also hide within cracks, crevices, walls, and other tight spaces.

Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood. Most people with bed bugs wake up day after day with large red spots across their bodies where they’ve been attacked all night.

Our bed bug removal services help restore our customers’ rest and enable them to sleep in peace. However, ridding your home of bed bugs is extremely difficult. One treatment rarely does the trick. That’s because missing a single female egg could result in a total infestation in weeks because they multiply very fast.

We typically recommend at least two treatments to ensure your home is free of these evil pests.

Schedule A In-House Pest Control Inspection

You don’t have to put up with pests. Let APS Pest Control treat your home and leave it safe and sound for you and your family.

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