Save Money and Protect Your Home with APS Pest Control


In your quest to maintain a bug-free home, selecting a pest control company that not only delivers exceptional results but also values your financial well-being is paramount. At APS Pest Control in Lindale, TX, we take pride in being your trusted source for cost-effective pest control solutions. Let’s take a minute to talk about our…

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A pest control promise from APS


Our pest control promise; we are more than simply a pest control company at APS Pest Control; we are your devoted partners for maintaining a safe and pest-free environment for your home and workplace. We take delight in providing top-tier pest control solutions that actually makes a difference, given to our years of experience and…

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Ants: Tiny Pests, Big Problems

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Protect Your Home with APS Pest Control Ants may be small in size, but their potential for causing significant damage to your property should not be underestimated. These East Texas pests are no different, infiltrating and destroying your kitchen cabinets to damaging structures, these persistent pests can become a serious problem in a house. Not…

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APS Pest Control – Five Star Pest Control

5 star rating

APS Pest Control – Five Star Pest Control What We Do When it comes to APS Pest Control, we have a five star service. Combining key elements of both quality and efficiency, we deliver results like no other. Taking care of all invaders, our pest control services take pride in serving our customers the way…

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Tyler Texas Mosquito Control

enjoying a hotdog picnic without mosquitos

Tyler Texas Mosquito Control It’s a nice, warm, summer day. You’re hanging outside with some friends, grilling some hotdogs. All in all, things are going just like you planned. That was, until, all your friends start slapping themselves and itching. That’s when you need your local Tyler Texas Mosquito Control! APS Pest Control is here…

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Rodent Exterminator Tyler Tx

pest control for racoon

What do you want when looking for a Rodent Exterminator in Tyler Tx? A shabby, sketchy group of people who think they can do the job, or a professional service dedicated to your satisfaction? APS Pest Control is the latter, always ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our work. Whether you are looking for Pest…

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Pest Control Tyler Texas

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APS Pest Control Tyler Texas When it comes to Pest Control in Tyler Texas, you’ll always want quality, promising extermination. If bugs and rodents are taking over your house, you want to know you’re safe from the pests. You need exterminators that you can trust—someone with experience. That’s what APS is here for. During business…

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